Janet Bewley: Setting the Record Straight


Superior, WI – Janet Bewley’s republican opponent for the 25th Senate District seat, Dane Deutsch, seems to believe that there are state agencies that have the authority to prevent an iron mining company from dumping tailings into wetlands.  That used to be the case, until the republican legislature passed, and Governor Walker signed, 2013 ACT 1 into law.

“I want to set the record straight,” Bewley stated.  “We can disagree about the merits of the changes to Wisconsin’s mining laws that the republicans passed early this session.  What we can’t do is pretend that it doesn’t allow mining companies to deposit mining wastes in Wisconsin’s wetlands.”  Here’s the language of the new law:

WI Statues Section 295.40 (7) – . . . because of the fixed location of ferrous mineral deposits in the state, it is probable that mining those deposits will result in adverse impacts to wetlands and that, therefore, the use of wetlands for bulk sampling and mining activities, including the disposal or storage of mining waste or materials, or the use of other lands for mining activities that would have a significant adverse impact on wetlands, is presumed to be necessary.

“In fact,” noted Bewley, “under certain circumstance, the DNR is required to issue a permit that allows a mining company to put wastes in wetlands:

295.60 (6)(b) Notwithstanding par. (a) 3., if significant adverse impacts to wetland functional values will remain after the adverse impacts have been avoided and minimized to the extent practicable, the department shall issue the permit if the department determines that the remaining impacts will be compensated for under a mitigation program under sub. (8).

“Given the location of the proposed GTAC Mine, it is possible they could compensate, or mitigate, for filling in wetlands in the Penokees by purchasing credits from a wetland mitigation bank somewhere in Southeast Wisconsin.  Those are the facts,” concluded Bewley.  “I believe this is bad public policy.  I’m not sure what my opponent believes.”

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